Francesinha is a typical dish from the city of Porto, Portugal. The francesinha is shaped like a sandwich and consists of sausage, fresh sausage, ham, cold meats and beef steak, covered with melted cheese. It is garnished with a sauce based on tomato, beer and piri piri.


Boerewors is a traditional fresh sausage from South African cuisine. Its name derives from the words boere and wors, from Afrikaans, meaning “farmer” and “sausage” respectively.


Appetizers are light, simple or elaborate, cold or hot culinary preparations, which are served before the main course of a meal, or at festive times. Its function is to work up an appetite, keep diners busy while waiting for the main course or, in the case of a restaurant, to impress the customer favorably.


Spices are capable of transforming a dish from any part of the world into a true feast. In addition, aromatic herbs help to reduce the use of salt. Being versatile, spices are suitable for a wide range of uses. Then, we must know our spices to enrich any cooking.

francesinha sauces

According to the “experts”, the secret to the unique flavor of this sandwich comes from its sauce. As there is no single recipe for the francesinha or for its topping sauce, there are then several recipes in which the ingredients and quantities vary. Our sauces are prepared and tested with a classic and delicious flavor.

spicy sauces

The piri-piri sauce is very appreciated by those who like to spice up the food with an incredible flavor.

The base of the sauce is with chili peppers, (red, green or even mixing the two types). Our piri piri sauces are elaborated and tested, presenting a delicious flavor.

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The Senhora dos Molhos e especiarias, Lda, is a company specialized in the manufacture of sauces, spices and other selected food products.With a team of over 20 years of experience in the field, Senhora dos Molhos e especiarias, Lda, has joined the quality of its products, qualified professionals, machinery and equipment highly modernized, being continuously focused on the innovation of its products.
With a team formed by the experience of about 20 years in the business, the company Senhora dos Molhos e Especiadas, Lda added to the quality of its products, qualified professionals, machinery and highly modernized equipment, being continuously focused on the innovation of its products.

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